6:30 - 9pm, Friday 6th Dec


18 Artist Group curated by Joe O'Rourke - Painters Posting Paintings

Painters Posting Paintings is an exhibition of approximately 250 works on paper created by 18 artists based around the UK. Each collaborative work has been passed between two or three artists by post over the course of a year.

The idea emerged from a feeling of post art school blues and the desire to connect with a group of painters beyond a few comments on Instagram. The process was designed to be a side project for each artist, with no expectations since every piece could be reworked by another. Although limited materially by what paper can handle and in size by what fits through a letterbox, the collaborations present a glimpse into the ideas and processes that feed into the practices of these contemporary artists.


Brockley Upper Blockley Rd, SE4 1SZ