12 - 6pm, Sunday 16th Jan

Short Run Show

22 Artist Group Show curated by Chloe Maugile & Laurie Barron - The Grotto

‘Art hangs on the walls... there stands a grotto with elaborate painted fountains flowing with waterfalls... containing mechanical singing birds..’

Taking inspiration from the secluded and treasure-like notion of a grotto – ‘a small cave or cavern, often associated with miraculous apparitions and other supernatural experiences’ – this immersive show will feature a diverse group of London-based artists, creatives and makers.

Artists: Miranda Keyes, Inez Valentine, Sophie Spedding, Firpal Jawanda, Richard Gasper, Aiden Duffy, Nina Porter, Kin-Ting Li, Ruth Angel Edwards, Adam Gallagher, Carlotta Roma, Arthur Poujois, Thom Murphy, Anna Pye, Waj Hussain, Conrad Pack, Lettice Gatacre, Tom Schneider, Susu Laroche, Gonçalo Neto, Isabel Walter, Alice Fraser.


Dalston 51-63 Ridley Road, E8 2NP