24/03/2022 - 29/05/2022

New Work - Immersive

360: Lauren Moffatt

Set within a moonlit forest, the virtual reality work Of Hybrids and Strings creates connections to plants and creatures through a series of interactive threads. A flower-like spectral form appears merged by connected strings held in the viewer’s flowered hands. This hybrid flower creature mirrors the viewer’s every move creating a symbiotic dance. Throughout the experience, more strings appear, braiding and pulling on a rapidly crystallizing VR space. Slowly, and while remaining tethered to its floral counterpart, the viewer is enveloped by Moffatt’s surreal environment, overtaken by a series of fractals. Of Hybrids and Strings simultaneously entangles and deconstructs a new way of being across the natural and digital world.


Chalk Farm 176 Prince of Wales Rd, NW5 3PT