24/06/2023 - 25/06/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

3D Women Twenty Four Artist Group Show - Works That Never Came To Life

Sat-Sun: 11-5pm

"Building upon the success of the first 3D women exhibition in 2021, "Works That Never Came To Life" is an exhibition that challenges traditional notions of completion and the idea of “the final piece”. The work shown is a collection of each artist’s initial ideas that until now have remained as preliminary sketches, thoughts, plans, diagrams, maquettes and notes in sketchbooks. The lightbulb moment stage of creating an artwork often possesses a raw energy and simplicity that can be lost in the final outcome. The hope is that by revisiting them the artists may be able to reopen conversations and gain more clarity, and that the viewer may contemplate the creative process.

The 3D women collective was born out of a need for a space for women and non-binary people in the art world. The diversity of pieces in the show demonstrates the variety of work that this category of artists are making, yet they are bound by a struggle to overcome the barriers that still exist in the art world and creative industries today. The artists are all at different stages in their careers and make art for different reasons but by stripping the work back to its first forms the potential for hierarchy is removed."

Words by Matty Hutchinson


Deptford 9 Creekside, SE8 4SA