9:30 - 11am, Thursday 11th Nov

Press View

6a architects X CARAGH THURING

To celebrate the centenary of one of London’s oldest community centres, Holborn Community Association (HCA) will open Holborn House, a new flagship HQ designed by Stirling Prize-nominated, 6a architects.

Holborn House is located on Emerald Street Passageway, off Lamb’s Conduit Street in central London, and its original 1950s foundations have been fused with a new lighter, glazed steel structure fit for the 21st century. Featuring a variety of sunlit, outward-facing, accessible community spaces, the major new building culminates in a top-lit, double-height, sports and eventshall deep in the historic city block.

A specially commissioned public artwork, Great Things Lie Ahead (2020) by Caragh Thuring, has been integrated throughout the new building and across its entire façade. The façade foregrounds the rich history and unique character of the local area, featuringetched phrases takenfrom HCA’s recently rediscovered archives, through to moving personal testimonies and scientific breakthroughs.


Bloomsbury Emerald Street Passageway, WC1