24/02/2022 - 05/06/2022

Immersive Show

A Century of the Artist's Studio: 1920-2020

In this multi-media exhibition, the wide-ranging possibilities and significance of artists’ studios will take centre stage. New art histories around the modern studio will emerge through striking juxtapositions of under-recognised artists with celebrated figures in Western art history.

The exhibition will bring together more than 100 works by over 80 artists and collectives from around the world, ranging from modern icons such as Francis Bacon, Louise Bourgeois, Pablo Picasso, Egon Schiele, and Andy Warhol to contemporary figures such as Walead Beshty, Lisa Brice and Kerry James Marshall. The exhibition will unfold according to two central themes: The Public Studio – Artists Together, examining how artists have embraced the studio as a factory, exhibition space, arena, collective workspace or classroom; and The Private Studio – Artists Alone, exploring how the studio can be a home, refuge, laboratory or site of political resistance.


Aldgate 82 Whitechapel High St, E1 7QX