07/10/2022 - 19/02/2023

Contemporary - Photography

Aarati Akkapeddi - A·kin

Mon-Wed: 10-6pm; Thu-Fri: 10-8pm (Late Opening); Sat: 10-6pm; Sun: 11-6pm

A·kin is a project by Aarati Akkapeddi exploring human and non human categorisation of photographic archives.

What do computers ‘see’ when looking at family albums? Are algorithmic models able to grasp the cultural traces of a community when looking at their archive of photographs?

A·kin takes artist Aarati Akkapeddi’s family photo album as its starting point. Akkapeddi combines these personal photographs, from the south Indian state Tamil Nadu, with images from the Studies in Tamil Studio Archives and Society Archive (stars.archive), a collection which investigates the history of South Indian studio photography between the 1880s and the 1980s.

Tickets: £6.50 (Concession: £4.00 )


Soho 18 Ramillies St, W1F 7LW