10/09/2021 - 23/12/2021

New Work - Mixed Medium

Adam Farah + Phoebe Collings-James - What I've Learned From You And Myself + A Scratch! A Scratch!

Adam Farah – sometimes known as free.yard – is an artist, composer and sauce-maker. They are also a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon and Cancer Rising. Farah’s exhibition at Camden Art Centre is a presentation of visual and sensory moments from their journey through the chaotic depths of heartache, trauma, desires and spiritual voyaging – navigating these against the backdrop of the rapidly mutating city in which they grew up.

Phoebe Collings-James - As the third recipient of the Freelands Lomax Ceramics Fellowship, Phoebe Collings-James (b. 1987, London, UK) has spent the last six months in the facilities at Camden Art Centre developing work for her upcoming exhibition in Gallery 2


Hampstead Arkwright Rd, NW3 6DG