6 - 8:30pm, Friday 1st Jul


Adam McGowan - Inoyama

There is deliberate lightness of touch and joyful inventiveness in Adam McGowan’s paintings, which with an interplay of elements suggest extended time and gradual movements. The works invite a focused view on the opacity and hue of surface, the grain and bowing of the wooden structures and the ratio between composition and void.

For Commonage, McGowan has created a new body of structural paintings that are in dialogue with the particular architecture of the space. Informed by an array of found photographic images, collected texts, the built environment and experimental music, the title, ‘Inoyama’, borrowed from the musicians of the same name, is a portmanteau which is a blending of sounds and combining of meanings. This might be one way to approach the works, as a merging of subtle elements that don’t always have a fixed orientation.


Bethnal Green 53 Old Bethnal Green Rd, E2 6QA