6:30 - 9pm, Thursday 7th Nov


Adjani Okpu-Egbe - Surpassing the Eternally Mysterious Afro-surreal

For this exhibition, Okpu-Egbe presents us with works that compel reflection and discussion to address issues regarding climate change, patriarchy, hate, racism, “occupation” and the struggles for independence in Ambazonia, West Papua and West Sahara.

The Israel Palestinian conflict as well as the wars in Syria, the Central African Republic, and the genocide carried out on the Rohingyas in Myanmar by the regime. The artworks do not only intend to highlight “struggles”, they go further to act as a call to rally support and resistance, advocacy for justice and above all, solidarity with those who bear the brunt of most conflicts – notably women, children, the less abled, the elderly and Prisoners of Conscience.


Southwark 51 Surrey Row, Unit 2 La Gare, SE1 0BZ