6 - 6:30pm, Friday 11th Feb

Performance Lecture

Adrian Schindler - Spectres of Morocco

German-French artist Adrian Schindler’s ‘Spectres of Morocco’ is a performance that aims at deconstructing and counteracting stereotypes about the Moroccan Other that still pervades post-colonial European society.

The text meanders between times, geographies and literary genres, including excerpts of archival documents, news, reminiscences of my research in northern Morocco and insights of actor Ali el Aziz’ professional experience in Spain.

The voices and viewpoints shift along with the performance, at times bringing into light uncomfortable positions, while the relation of the performers slowly evolves –their bodies and gazes avoiding or confronting each other, but ultimately also sharing complicity. Through different ways of talking about and embodying the past, the work approaches entangled contemporary questions such as racism, exoticism, migration and tourism, while exploring the performative qualities of distance and proximity.

Deptford 1 Borthwick St, SE8 3GH