2 - 4pm, Saturday 7th Sep


Aida Tomescu - The Open Wounds of White Clouds

Walking into Aida Tomescu’s new studio earlier this week, it was clear she has now colonised every corner. The cacti are doing well situated at the new northern window, there is a comfortable sofa and a CD player with Mahler on repeat. Scented candles work hard to curb the chemistry of oil paint - but primarily this space is an engine for working and that is exactly what she has been doing. As Aida shifted weighty canvases from one side of the studio to the other, each considerably larger than she, the ambition and scale of her endeavours was clearly evident.

This new exhibition The Open Wounds of White Clouds comes at a time when Aida herself suggests that she hadn’t felt this energised and productive in more than a decade. Though she may have painted herself to a standstill, one can sense that the excitement of what she has been able to produce for this exhibition will continue to evolve and induce more powerful work.


Paddington Cnr of Hampden St., Cecil Ln, Paddington NSW 2021