5 - 9pm, Friday 13th May


Aimee Marshall, Fiona Fu, Hoachen Ren, Moh. Sabir, Yiyuan Zhu & Ziyi Lei - The Fish Restaurant At The End Of The Universe

A portal between this world and the next, The Fish Restaurant At The End Of The Universe is a spiritual space to recharge, refuel and repent your sins. Upon leaving this space you may relive many repeated histories in further universes, especially the Earthling-run ones. You will find within these civilisations that hard-to-comprehend questions we believed were resolved are suddenly urgent again:

What will the future of our young generation look like? Will it be in the streets? Will we speak up? Will we defend our civil rights? Will we surrender to fear or choose courage? Will we still dream of tomorrow?

“Freedom is never really won.
You earn it and win it in every generation” (Coretta Scott King)

In this historical yet everyday setting, the artists wish to express their experiences and views on social determinism, the thin frontier between innocence and corruption, the inequality of chances and the fading sentiment of right and wrong in our modern societies. The artists are not here to preach their views but to provide an alternative perspective and a portal to another way of seeing things, whether you are from this Universe or the next.


Canary Wharf Billingsgate Market, Trafalgar Way, E14 5AR