3 - 5pm, Saturday 9th Nov


Al Munro - Pattern Fold

‘This exhibition develops my interest in the intersections of textile patterning and mathematics to explore the effects of folding and crumpling on grid-based patterns through painted abstraction. This work began with research into various textile patterns during a residency at the Royal School of Needlework, Surrey, UK in January-February 2019 where I worked with archival materials and learnt technical skills related to the gridded patterns of traditional blackwork embroidery. The work also looks to a long term interest in distorting or disrupting regular two-dimensional patterned surfaces through folding, pleating, weaving and other textile practices. The concertina folded forms of the works in this exhibition also reference the tightly pleated textiles of the Hmong communities I visited while undertaking an Artist in Residency at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. These elastic pleats distort the original woven pattern of the fabric and create a dynamic surface.

The exploration of textile patterning and folding through the act of painting offers a means of recording or ‘diagramming’ the disruption of the pattern in a way that offers some distance. The painted/translated pattern retains something of the original textile ‘text’ but also offers the opportunity to be free of certain aspects of textile materiality - colours, textures, surfaces, spaces can be flattened out, reconsidered, or seen under a different lens.’

- Al Munro, 2019


Waterloo 409B George Street, Waterloo NSW 2017