6 - 8pm, Thursday 6th Feb


Albemarle Gallery presents Tim Wright - Inside the Eye

Albemarle Gallery, in collaboration with ArtMoorHouse, is pleased to present ‘Inside the Eye’, a comprehensive survey of recent work by London painter Tim Wright. This includes eight new, large-scale paintings and works on paper, and a selection of pieces from his two preceding exhibitions: Far-seeing Eye (2019) and Into the Deep (2018).

The cavernous space at ArtMoorHouse offers an ideal, contemporary Baroque setting in which to place the new with its antecedents. Its extensive scale allows a unique opportunity to view this substantial series of paintings and associated drawings.

The works exhibit a contrasting mix of closely-observed motif and gesturally-turbulent passages of rich and subtle colour. Describing both the specific and the general, the artist sets up a personal iconography of significant images, which jump from emphatic focus to veiled suggestion. The combination of forest decor and composition by fragments is unsettling and hints at things hidden from view. This is a mysterious arena of the imagination found beyond the gate and the normal frame of reference. What is one to make of these singular combinations, allusive objects and bits of stories?

Moorgate 120 London Wall, EC2Y 5ET