2 - 3pm, Saturday 30th Nov


Aleksandr Tishkov - Farewell to Paradise

For the closing event of Paradise is here, Aleksandr Tishkov will be in conversation with the audience together with Pablo Luis Alvarez, Claudia Contu and Yalda Bidshahri. This casual talk will depart from the works present in the show to open up concepts closely tied to utopia, paradise, end of times, and the tension that contemporary technologies are creating in our perceptions of the present and the future.

Pablo Luis Alvarez is a writer, historian and curator currently doing his PhD project at the Royal College of Art. He has a general interest in the history of ideas and knowledge, particularly in those that have given shape to art historical writing, art criticism and curatorial discourse.

Yalda Bidshahri is a curator, researcher and writer. Fueled by lived experiences, movement, belonging, identity, and place are constant subjects in her practice. She is committed to facilitating the discussion of these topics, and beyond, through a multidirectional exchange that relates contemporary art to a wider context

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