6 - 8pm, Thursday 7th Nov


Aleksandr Tishkov - Paradise is Here

After almost three years away on a mission, InSight 10 safely reaches Earth’s surface with thousands of samples of Martian rocks, soil and atmospheric particles. Over time, Mihka Elly, the only astronaut on board, has started to experience multiple episodes of somnambulism, blurring his perception of reality, and now confusing his understanding of the world around him. Memories of Mars abruptly blend with images of thawing permafrost, Amazon wildfires and hurricanes in the Bahamas, as seen in the news.

‘Paradise is Here’ takes us into the imagined mind of Mikha Elly, whose distorted perception of time and space asks us, “What is reality?” and “What is fantasy?”

Tishkov’s new body of artworks come together to create an environment that echoes an ecological catastrophe and a utopian garden, all at once. In doing so, the artist aims to cast a light on current issues related to how cultural heritage is rewritten, acknowledged, and destroyed, as well as how natural resources are being overexploited around the globe. In the course of one month, sculptures made from a wide spectrum of materials will inhabit the gallery space and will inform a series of events accompanying the show’s programme. The schedule of talks and workshops, led by the artist and other collaborators, is designed to turn the exhibition into a space of gathering – to discuss how the imminence of a natural catastrophe is proving contemporary societies fragile and brittle.


Penge 135 Maple Rd, SE20 8LP