07/06/2022 - 28/07/2022

New Work - Painting

Aleph Contemporary present Susannah Fiennes, Eugenie Vronskaya & Lucie Winterson - Glimpsing the Indefinable

"Rural environments permit peace and solitude, which enable the artists to summon the rigour, total commitment and dreaming time needed to produce works of intensity and mystery, qualities common to the output of all three. As the artist Gwen John once said: ‘One can only get to Heaven alone.’ Naturally, there are differences too.

Eugenie and Susannah often include unidentifiable diaphanous figures in their compositions whereas Lucie’s paintings are devoid of any obvious sign of human life. Her work is concerned with ecology and reconfiguring our links to the vegetal, the world itself and the life force of trees and plants. Eugenie and Susannah may personally share some environmental concerns, but not as a dominant feature of their artwork. All three artists align in having a deep understanding of the non-verbal language inherent in their work.

For each one, individually, creating a painting is a journey made up of memories and experiences, during which the past and present are distilled onto the canvas or board in an attempt to capture something ineffable."


Chancery Lane 51 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8HN