15/09/2022 - 06/10/2022

New Work - Painting

Alexander Guy - White Lies

Tue-Fri: 9-5pm; Sat: 10-4pm

“The brightness in Guy’s art springs, in part, from his appetite for social abrasion, but it’s also the flipside of a bleaker streak, his loathing of oppression, of the straightjackets we put on our minds, in our sexual, social and spiritual expectations. The dark edges that creep around his everyday objects, his houses and his faces, the very shadows that make them glow with vigour and light, are manifestations of the horror he has of the cages in which we trap our natures, the tortures we inflict on ourselves and others, tortures that, as he knows full well, can be born in the cradle. His bold, generosity of spirit springs from the sharp dig of pain.” - Julian Spalding

Alexander Guy (b. 1962, St Andrews, Fife) has a genuine thirst to engage with real people and places, painting what he calls the ‘tacky realism’ of modern life. His oeuvre functions as an incredible encyclopaedia of behaviours, trends and pop culture in Thatcherite Britain.


Mayfair 12a Savile Row, W1S 3PQ