09/09/2022 - 08/10/2022

New Work - Installation

Alexander Reben - I’m Not A Painter

Mon-Fri: 10-6pm; Sat: 11-7pm

Gazelli Art House proudly presents I’m Not A Painter, a crucial commentary on the role of emergent technologies and human-AI collaboration within contemporary art-making by Alexander Reben.

Across a mixed media installation of wallpaper and oil painting, the exhibition displays an amalgamation of surreal imagery that feels at once familiar and remote. The latter becomes explicit with the gradual permeation of the uncanny. A feeling of uncertainty surfaces; just what are we observing? Indicative of their making, and certainly applicable to the arts in general, curiosity will often walk hand-in-hand with new frontiers.

Following 2021’s impactful AI-Mazing exhibition, I’m Not A Painter will be Reben’s second solo exhibition at Gazelli Art House, the second to be titled by an AI and, excitingly, the first to be accompanied by an AI generated Press Release. This iteration of the series will first debut in Venice as part of the ULTRAMARIN exhibition, curated by Ulrich Schrauth (Artistic Director, VRHAM!).


Mayfair 39 Dover St, W1S 4NN