18/10/2021 - 07/11/2021

Contemporary - Drawing

Alexandra Coe - Under A Hot Sun

Made up of cascading paper rolls that feature studies of the female figure resonant through the artist’s practice, Alexandria Coe’s Under a Hot Sun centres itself amidst nakedness – understood as a raw, yearning to be closer to the sense of self.

For the first time, Coe has extended her signature, minimal style into the large-scale installation – paper that reaches both earth and sky. Picturing languid, relaxed forms – “as if looking up at a hot sun – at an origin of all” – the artist explores the vulnerability of the very surfaces she investigates – an unclothed body as a body without social norms and boundaries, drawing what’s left, what lingers when stripped bare with all the walls exposed.

Soho 15 Bateman St., London W1D 3AQ