24/10/2022 - 19/03/2023

Contemporary - Installation

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg - The Lost Rhino

Come face-to-face with extinction.

The Lost Rhino is a free installation that explores extinction, conservation and technology. Focused around four depictions of a rhino, each of them imperfect in their own way, the installation examines our relationship with endangered species.

At its centre sits The Substitute, a video installation by artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg that brings visitors face-to-face with a digitally recreated, life-sized northern white rhino. With the subspecies nearly extinct, this piece explores the paradox of our preoccupation with creating new life forms, while neglecting existing ones.

Displayed alongside Ginsberg's installation is a film of pulsating northern white rhino heart cells grown in the lab, Albrecht Dürer's iconic but inaccurate Rhinoceros woodcut print from 1515 and a rhino from the Museum's collection.

Please note that this installation includes a soundtrack with loud noises.


South Kensington Cromwell Rd, SW7 5BD