13/11/2021 - 18/12/2021

Contemporary - Painting

Alfie Caine - What Lies Beyond

What Lies Beyond brings to the fore the state of liminality explored in Caine’s latest body of work. Doors left temptingly ajar and far-off houses half obscured by haze entice the viewer into Caine’s worlds, where they are encouraged equally yet contrastingly to explore his meticulously detailed interior spaces while dreaming up what views and places exist in the landscapes beyond the canvas.

Caine’s worlds operate at all levels; in the architecture and the expanses of fantasised countryside beyond their windows, down to the minutiae of cutlery, floor tiles and freshly picked wildflowers.

Caine always leaves a little concealed within his world to maintain the feeling of anticipation and curiosity that drives his painting; we, like Caine, are left to wonder and imagine what might exist within those spaces he has left for us.


Bethnal Green 94 Teesdale St, E2 6PU