6 - 8pm, Friday 14th Jul


Alice Amati Group Show - The Shape Of Time


The exhibition borrows its title from George Kubler’s seminal book, in which the author presents a new reading of art history, one where the notion of style is superseded by the understanding that objects and images exist in a larger continuum.

Following the same approach presented in Kubler’s text, the exhibition brings together major historical works by Francis Picabia with ten contemporary artists: Konstantinos Argyroglou, Chiara Calore, Martina Cassatella, Silvia Capuzzo, Ted Gahl, Sonia Jia, Becky Kolsrud, Zoe Koke, Yanqing Pei, and Yi To.

All the artists in the show make works that defy strict stylistic approaches and traverse the realms of figuration and abstraction, creating temporally complex representations that appear to be suspended between the past and the present.


Mayfair 15 Old Bond St, London W1S 4AX