06/05/2022 - 29/05/2022

New Work - Film

Alice Bucknell - Swamp City

Alice Bucknell's debut solo exhibition in the UK explores the crossovers between architecture, ecology, disaster capitalism, simulated environments and non-human intelligence through speculative fiction and game engines.

​Expanding upon late stage capitalism’s relationship to the climate crisis, and speculating on the possibilities of ecological survival in the rapidly changing landscape of the Florida Everglades, Swamp City takes the form of a mock real estate office vending luxury eco-tourism at the proverbial end of the world.

​For the UK premiere of Swamp City, this speculative estate agency has been brought to life, temporarily transforming HOXTON 253’s gallery space into the offices of The Evergreen Group. It is complete with property listings, promotional pamphlets, 3D printed models, and slick metallic landscape prints, arranged inside a neon-tinted, houseplant-stuffed, copper-accented office space designed to lure in its millennial clientele and investors.


Hoxton 253 Hoxton St, N1 5LG