14/10/2021 - 03/11/2021

New Work - Painting

Alida Cervantes - Historia de una Relacion Amorosa

Cob Gallery is proud to present a new solo exhibition by Alida Cervantes, a Mexican artist whose work combines painterly exuberance with a perceptive critique of the structures of power and domination.

Raised between Tijuana and San Diego, Cervantes emerged into consciousness in a space fraught by in-betweenness. The sense of being on the fringes of two cultures, and having a problematic relationship with both, prompted her interest in the ways that power is distributed through complex hierarchies of gender, race, nationality, class, even species: hierarchies that constantly intersect, overlap and entangle with one another.

At the same time, like all of Cervantes’ work, they richly convey the pleasure of their own making. Their sheer energy asserts the artist’s ability to give and withhold as she herself sees fit, seizing control over the conventions of her medium and channeling a shrewd politics through an irrepressible spirit.


Camden 205 Royal College St, NW1 0SG