13/05/2022 - 25/06/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Alison Katz - Chippies

A new exhibition of paintings by Alex Katz (b. 1927, New York, NY) in London next month. Chippies showcases Katz's new Birds series (2020–present), a striking new leap into near-pure abstraction with avian subject matter inspired by the chipping sparrows (‘chippies’) seen by the artist pecking breadcrumbs in the snow in Soho, New York City last year.

Distilled to clean essentials, Katz's delicate sparrows embody the essence of his painterly philosophy: ‘Eternity exists in the immediate present,’ he explains. ‘There is no future, no past. Just now.’


Mayfair 15 Bolton St, W1J 8BG