10 - 10:45pm, Friday 27th Sep


Among | Bright | Lights - London-based electronica duo

"among | bright | lights are headlining The Bomb Factory Art Foundation.

They are a London-based electronica duo, comprised of Robert Kalintas and Jaden Stone. Their distinctive sound is rooted in bedroom electronics blended with elements of hip-hop, ambient, post-rock and pop. However, inspired by their distinctively personal and communal stories, they describe their music as “folk from an iPad”.

Influenced by misunderstood and misrepresented issues affecting their generation, among | bright | lights engage with observations of drug abuse and addiction, mental illness and contemporary social issues affecting their city and postcodes today.

With a background in filmmaking and visual arts, among | bright | lights also employ strong but cryptic thematic visual elements to accompany their music as well as live performance."


Archway Unit 2 9-15 Elthorne Rd, N19 4AJ