6 - 8:30pm, Wednesday 2nd Feb


An Effort Art Residency present Lydia Smith - PAUSE

"Have you used the digital processing method you work with to reconstruct sculpture?

I create a quick sketch in Clay and then scan it. Subsequently, the scan is constructed in the computer, and I can manipulate it. The Xbox 360 captures the object somewhat accurately; on the other hand, the Xbox One has glitches - which are much more interesting to me.

I'm not looking to reconstruct objects that already exist. Instead, I'm looking to discover new creations that are only born through the imperfections of this process.

I am developing this idea and playing with the meaning of working from life. For millennia we have been studying nature to produce Art. In this contemporary world, I am now using the digital environment to inform my Artwork."


Soho 13 Soho Square, W1D 3QF