6 - 9pm, Wednesday 15th Jan


Ana Freeman Bentley - Collected & Composed

Another abiding inspiration for Freeman Bentley is the notion of the Baroque – the qualities of vibrance, grandeur and a certain sensuality present in all things, and celebrated in art bearing the name. In this exhibition we see her fascination played out through the use of colour.

Works just as Watching and Staging positively radiate with fiery, burnished hues of golds, oranges, scarlet reds, whilst works with darker palettes such as Propping and Screening explore the full richness of the shadows portrayed and contrast them with exuberant bursts of clear and cool blues and greens.

These are works that bear the emotional palette of the artist and, from seemingly ‘empty’ subjects, matter emerge paintings that evoke a deeply affecting sense of presence.

Latimer Road 2 Olaf St, W11 4BE