23/11/2021 - 18/12/2021

New Work - Painting

Andrea Marie Breiling - Sweet Dreams of Rhythm and Dancing

"Watch out—I tell myself—be careful what you say, what generalizations you make about Andrea Marie Breiling’s work, because what’s true of them today may not be so tomorrow. Her art has been changing, growing, expanding so quickly, I’m not sure that even she (let alone I) can keep up with it. This kind of overwhelming energy doesn’t burst out very often in the life of an artist, and it’s rare that a critic gets to see it happening from up close, so I feel lucky that I got to know this work just at the moment when things were starting to fizz this year.

Today she’s still working exclusively with spray paint, differently than even a year ago. They are chromatically richer and spatially more varied, even if some of them are more ethereal, to an almost mysterious degree. The mood is different too: not as high-spirited, more serious, deeper. Large as the paintings are, they suggest something still larger, something like a world in motion—a world that includes whoever looks at them."

– Barry Schwabsky, art critic


Mayfair Grosvenor Hill, W1K 3JH