6 - 8pm, Saturday 28th Mar


Andrew Maughan & Yulia Iosilzon

Andrew Maughan - His artworks interrogate humour, the contemporary political landscape, class cultura and the media that amplifies them. Drawing on histories of vanitas painting and monumental portraiture, Maughan invests the simple tropes of cinema, street, and summer holiday with surreal humour.

Yulia Iosilzon - Her work is born from an inherent interest in the narrative of stories anecdotally told and retold, fables proliferated and propagated through word of mouth and fairy tales passed down from generation to generation. Experienced moments or overheard conversations are rendered metaphorical on the canvas, encouraging deciphering or translation, hinting at a longer, continuing narrative hidden from the viewer.


Shoreditch 64 Charlotte Rd, EC2A 3PE