10/03/2023 - 02/04/2023

Contemporary - Prints

Andrzej Maria Borkowski - An Alternate Life

Thu-Sun: 12-6pm

"My arts practice currently focuses on printmaking. After over a decade of work, I’ve freed myself from the confines of simple white paper and started to explore the complexities of smaller limited edition coloured media in books.

I find screen prints have an alternate life when populating books, more freedom, a release from convention. I use inexpensive sketchbooks with red, green and black paper; alternating crops and formatting to create a collection of signature pieces.

The books evolve organically, never in sequence. I now embrace the chaos of this process, a wild exploration of impulse vs stream of consciousness. Work I feel is more liberated, compared to the traditions of my archive.

This collection of work, albeit rooted in conventional print, offers something subjective. An undefined experience open to interpretation, inviting the viewer to craft their own story – an alternate life."


Notting Hill 269 Portobello Rd W11 1LR