05/05/2023 - 26/05/2023

Contemporary - Multi-Disciplinary

Anna Brass & Lottie Stoddart - CLOD

Mon-Fri: 10-5pm; Sat: 12-6pm

"Clod clot clud cloud.
A clod; a mass of earth, a clot, a clud, a cloud.Lumps of earth, torrents of water, vaporous shapes and spiralling eyes; Clod brings together the work of artists Anna Brass and Lottie Stoddart in an exhibition that has emerged from a series of sporadic studio visits over the last year. This energetic exchange of ideas and imagery has resulted in two stop-motion animations: Stoddart’s ‘Stellar’ and Brass’ ‘Chute’, looping worlds full of spiralling stairs and intestinal flumes."


Walworth The Chaplin Centre Taplow House, Thurlow St ,SE17 2DG