06/05/2023 - 27/05/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Ansel Krut - Keep It Simple, Stupid

“If I find myself painting and I think to myself oh that’s beautiful... or that’s a terrific passage of paint, then I know the paint is winning. It’s seduced me.” - Ansel Krut

In Ansel Krut’s paintings we are presented with figures and objects in a state of transition. A metamorphosisisbeingenacted. Heavilyoutlinedandinhabitinganalmostachromaticworld, these discrepant assemblages defiantly resist and evade straightforward categorisation. We think we see one thing, that thing quickly becomes another, playing out its embodied contradictions. It becomes a new thing; a thing that has never existed before.


Walworth Unit 11, Taplow House, Thurlow St, SE17 2UQ