01/09/2022 - 01/10/2022

New Work - Installation

April Bey - I Believe in Why I’m Here

Mon-Fri: 9:30-6pm; Sat: 10-6pm

"Welcome to Atlantica. This world is yours to inhabit. April Bey will be your guide, she’s created a planet that’s free from prejudice, that celebrates difference and where the only currency is love."

'April Bey’s first solo exhibition in Europe, I Believe in Why I’m Here, introduces us to the world of Atlantica, created by the artist over thirty years. The gallery is completely transformed into a magical environment exploding with vibrant life that welcomes and empowers anyone that visits.

You’ll meet some of Atlantica’s inhabitants rendered as large-scale portraits in opulent textiles; sherpa, metallic thread and faux Atlantican fur, adorned with glitter, sequins and hand stitching. Across selfie-style closeups and editorial-esque portraits these individuals hold their space, unapologetically themselves.'


Mayfair 12 Berkeley St, W1J 8DT