2 - 6pm, Saturday 20th Nov


April Lin, Jenna Sutela, Xiuching Tsay & Rafal Zajko - Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change is a day long exhibition, featuring performances, audiovisual video works, and a plant intimacy workshop, that looks to illustrate or reimagine narratives taken from the plant world, which destabilise anthropocentrism and highlight plant intelligence as a way of (re)thinking how humans function in the world.

Rafal Zajko's performance will cast the well-known Slavic folklore figure Chochol as a symbol of community and awareness. Made from straw-sheafs, Zajko invokes a character traditionally associated with passivity and national apathy, as a warning cry for the ecological crisis.

A collaborative film between April Lin 林森 and ecologist Dr. Nalini Nadkarni, 'TR333' (2021) is a speculative construction of a new species of tree for the year 2040, that recasts the ecological crisis from a multispecies and affective gaze.

From the plant world to our gut, Jenna Sutela's 'Holobiont' (2018) zooms from outer space to the gut, where Bacillus subtilis, the nattō bacterium, plays a leading role.

Created especially in response to the exhibition and exhibited here for the first time, Xiuching Tsay presents 'Fertilizer to the Future Body' (2021), a confessional and interactive performance work that highlights our ability to manifest futures, bringing a more hopeful outlook for what's to come.

Seeds of Change hopes to dismantle the centrality of the human subject in the popular imagination, and upturn the animal-plant hierarchy to humble the human experience in favour of plants. Discover work that awakens the cellular consciousness and reconnects you within the larger ecosystem.


Mayfair 124 Mount Street Mews, London W1K 3NR