11/08/2022 - 25/08/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Armando Seijo - Our New Window

Mon-Sun: 11-2pm / 3-6pm

Lapislazuli gallery presents “Our New Window”, a solo exhibition running from 11 to 25 August displaying the latest work of the London based artist Armando Seijo, known for his modern costumbrist lookout and expressionist style paintings.

'In a twist towards landscape depiction, the author explores the relationship between art and technology and approaches the current Ukraine war from a personal perspective, using a computer as a window for exploration in his aim to comprehend a conflict difficult to accept, that he simultaneously feels close and far. Seijo emphatizes with people whose lives got unexpectedly altered through a brutal and sadly ongoing invasion to their homeland, and he is moved by the fact that things can drastically change from one day to another.'

In his landscape depictions, he pursues the intangible attribute that makes places unique, distilling the genuine beauty of every day in an unconstrained way. His hope for a better future is conveyed by the expressiveness of his brushwork, and a warm colour palette that carries vital optimism, but also a nostalgia for the places he has only visited through his computer and will no longer be the same.'


Marylebone 67 York St, W1H 1QB