6 - 8pm, Saturday 12th Oct


Artie Vierkant, Jonny Niesche, Rochelle Haley, Michael Staniak Rachael Minpantjiti Lionel - Flat Earth Society

Flat Earth Society is a group exhibition of international and Australian interdisciplinary artists working at the intersection of abstraction and screen-based culture. From the flat plane of canvas to the flat-screens of daily life, the artists consider how technology has shifted the possibilities of painting and infused the way we experience and frame our realities.

The show’s title riffs on the Flat Earth Society - a conspiracy theory group that believes the world exists on a giant, flat plane. The theory has regained traction in recent years thanks to exposure on YouTube and Twitter. Reflecting this moment in which truth and reality seem increasingly malleable, and erroneous ideas and misleading images flourish online, the exhibition offers deceptively simple yet seductive works that intelligently engage trompe l’oeil, conflate 2- and 3- dimensions, confuse the handmade and digital, and blur what is on- or off-line.

Through sculptural objects and digital aesthetics, new site-specific installations, live dance and online interactive 3D experiences, the artists disrupt how we engage with visual culture and question our capacity to believe in what we see.


Paddington 36 Gosbell St, Paddington NSW 2021