2 - 7pm, Wednesday 2nd Sep

Day Opening

ARTIST PRESENT - Fiona Strickland - Tulipa

'Fiona Strickland has long been drawn to tulips, finding their colour, shape, and form visually engaging, and the history of their depiction in art intellectually fascinating.

In undertaking this exhibition devoted to the Tulipa she follows in the footsteps of illustrious artistic forebears, including painters of the Dutch Golden Age such as Ambrosius Bosschaert, Balthasar van der Ast, and Jacob Marrel, whose seventeenth-century Tulip Book she travelled to study at close-hand in the Rijksmuseum in 2016.'

"On a technical level this body of work, created over more than two years, represents a virtuoso feat of painting in watercolour on vellum, a challenging medium due to its non-absorbent surface. This method allows the light to penetrate through the paint surface, akin in technique and feel to a precious medieval enamel."


Chelsea 20 Park Walk, SW10 0AQ