5 - 9pm, Monday 19th Jul


Arusha Gallery Group Show - Safe As Milk

In an extension of the orginal exhibition of the same name, Safe As Milk London welcomes the work of twenty one contemporary artists, whose work each comments on our habitual relationship with hyper capitalism and food culture, this exhibition hopes to open a conversation about and highlight the carnivalesque, challenging and momentous nature of food today.

Artists - Ilona Szalay, Nettle Grellier, Oriele Steiner, Plum Clouman, Grace Mattingly, Anna Choutova, James Owens, Sophie Vallance Cantor, Anna Rocke, Amélie Peace, Megan Menzies, Georg Wilson, Charlotte Keates, Lindsey Jean McLean, Victor Seaward, Andrea Gomis, Paige Perkins and guest artists from New Sincerity Gallery in Moscow; Masha Somik, Sasha Yazov, Vlad Maltsev and Lotalota.


Fitzrovia 46 Great Titchfield St, W1W 7QA