6 - 8:30pm, Friday 7th Oct


Asia Bakalarska & Marek Olszewski - Seeing and Unseeing

Asia Bakalarska (Polish, b. 1975) is a London-based artist and works primarily within the medium of painting. Her work explores the notion of self-representation and identity. These richly colourful and carefully composed paintings are saturated with the presence of the subjects, existing or imagined. Through her practice, Bakalarska ponders on the fragility of human identity and how identities are created in private and public spaces.

Marek Olszewski - Born in Poland in 1981, has been living and working in London since 2006. Obtained his photographic diploma at RACC in Richmond upon Thames in 2011, however, he is mainly a self-taught photographer, continuously experimenting and discovering new ways of expression. He is attracted to non-obviousness, light and shadow play, movement, reflection, geometry and extreme minimalism.


Queen's Town Rd - Peckham 117 Queen's Rd, SE15 2EZ