08/09/2022 - 16/10/2022

New Work - Painting

Atalanta Xanthe - Uteroverse

Tue-Fri: 11-5pm; Sat: 12-4pm

ALICE BLACK is proud to present Atalanta Xanthe’s (b.1996) debut solo show, Uteroverse, comprising five large-scale paintings and accompanying drawings. The Uteroverse series charts the experience of anthropomorphic sperm as they journey through the imagined landscape of the reproductive tract.

Uteroverse began with Xanthe’s discovery of a half-brother, born from sperm donated by her father decades earlier. This new half sibling was the same age as Xanthe and lived three miles away from her in New York City. Processing this revelation, Xanthe was struck by the randomness, extravagance, and drama of the genetic and reproductive process. These paintings represent a homage to all the versions of ourselves that never were.

The story of Uteroverse starts with a tree falling in the Fallopia; it’s trunk divides one egg into two. From here, the paintings follow the sperm as they scale craggy outcrops of rock, hurtle through thickets, and stalk the eggs. Xanthe, embracing painting’s vexed relationship with the literary conceit of a main character, subverts the idea of protagonist as survivor - of the 200 million sperm ejaculated, we know only one will make it.


Fitzrovia 46 Mortimer Street, W1W 7RL