10/09/2021 - 10/10/2021

New Work - Mixed Medium

Athena Papadopoulos - Subjective Action

Presented in collaboration with Emalin London.

Ditch. Hitch. Dump. Pump. Athena Papadopoulos’ letters spell out innuendos, double entendres and subjective actions. Encased in epoxy resin, the grubby accoutrements of a good party—cigarettes, corkscrews, sparklers and chicken bones—suggest scenes of excess and nostalgia.

The verbal assault conjured by Papadopoulos’ hybridised forms also characterises the artist’s process of making, itself a violent transformation of materials. Continuing Papadopoulos’ investigation into how everyday consumer materials are implicated in the performance of gendered roles, Subjective Action shifts the focus to language’s culpability in such constructions.


Piccadilly Piccadilly Circus Underground Station, W1J 9HP