06/07/2023 - 29/07/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Ava Haggas - Natural Intermissions

Tue-Sun: 11-7pm

"Natural Intermissions, Ava Haggas' first London solo exhibition, is titled as an ode to the inspiration, process, pleasure and intent found within the artist’s practice. Haggas depicts scenes of nature in coloured pencil on wood panels, embellished through intricate patterns and vibrant colour, reimaging these scenes in her unique style, transforming them into Post Impressionistic ''otherworldly landscapes'. Intending her artwork to be, undeniably, beautiful, Haggas finds something phenomenal in an arrangement of colours and shapes' ability to trigger a sense of calm. She aspires to convey this 'intangible algorithm' to her viewers; that they will be moved by individual pieces and patterns in kind."

Curated by Jack Trodd


Soho 13 Soho Square, Soho W1D 3QF