6 - 8pm, Thursday 9th Mar


Aviv Benn curated by Tamara Admoni - And the Sky Cast an Eye on This Marvellous Meat

Tue-Sat: 12-6pm

"In her new body of work, artist Aviv Benn creates a dreamlike world of grotesque creatures and outlandish nature. The exhibition invites viewers to enter this mysterious realm, as each painting functions as a window, revealing another facet of Benn’s universe.

The exhibition suggests a metaphorical journey into nature as a sojourn into our psyche. This exploration, like the nature depicted in the paintings, is surreal, bizarre, and even ominous at times.

The botanical imagery is flesh-like and meaty: a reflection of our human form, our own mortal nature. These ‘fleshy-plants’ echo the fraught relationship between humankind and nature. What seems like a utopia, a magical and even humorous environment, is also a memento of mortality, everything that blooms under the sky will eventually wither; but until then, we have some time under the sun."


Fitzrovia 55 Eastcastle St, W1W 8EG