08/09/2023 - 03/10/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Barnaby Barford - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Mon-Fri: 10-6pm; Sat: 11-6pm

David Gill Gallery is delighted to present 'A Midsummer Night's Dream’, an exhibition of new works by Barnaby Barford, in which technology and the natural world seamlessly intertwine. Images collected from Barford’s intensive walks during lockdown have been transformed into four vibrant large-scale moving-image artworks that the artist calls Living Paintings.

They will be shown alongside a series of images of initials, dates and declarations of love etched into the bark of the forest’s ancient trees. Benches, like tangled branches, cut from steel, and a light sculpture composed of 9,000 individually crafted celadon-glazed ivy leaves, will throw a dappled light around the room.

“For me, it is an invitation to slow down, to create an oasis of calm in contrast to the velocity of 21st century life,” says Barford of the mesmeric moving imagery. “But it is also a reflection on the ephemeral states of nature, and an act of respect and admiration for its continual mutation.”


St James's 4 King St, SW1Y 6QP