6 - 8pm, Wednesday 16th Oct


Bec Smith - SUB

This October, we are excited to welcome back Melbourne-based artist Bec Smith as she continues her evolution staying true to her signature geometric shapes revealing her background as a designer. Her colour palette always a mix of muted pastel and deeper tones – in SUB Bec meditates on a special experience and an unforgettable sense of place.
“Having had recent experiences that formed my outlook into a particular shape and feeling, the simple prefix of ‘sub’ kept recurring in my mind... suboptimal, subtract, substrate, subterranean...meaning secondary, less, before, underneath. I had been contemplating the powerful effects of such plain language on our psyche and wellbeing in these modern times, and in relation to geography as well as systems of class, and of perception.
While staying in an off-grid 1970’s stone cottage elevated on an escarpment in the beautiful Victorian
 bushland with views across an expansive valley, I had time to think about the many meanings of ‘sub’ while looking at the vista below. I thought about heights and depths, vantage points, distance, the dynamic between elements that are below or hidden, and their relationship to the surface. It was around this area that we found the old gold diggings – an area thick with discarded machinery strewn across the densely pine-needled ground, eerily silent, an open coffin of gold dreams laid to rest. Each piece of equipment, beautifully patinaed in deep crimson rust, played a role in the story of massive human endeavour – a pipe, a ring seal, an elbow, a track, a winch – each one shaped by ambition and desire into the longing for prosperity, huge amounts of desperation, and endless prayers for sheer luck. It made me wonder about the lengths we go to, in striving to unearth something precious in order to exploit its value. I considered just how much individual inner, personal 'gold' could be drawn upon instead by simply acknowledging and believing in its quiet and limitless existence. And how some things that may remain conserved and undisturbed are in fact more powerful than we could ever know.”
– Bec Smith


Paddington 37 Macdonald Street, Paddington NSW 2021