6 - 8pm, Wednesday 13th Nov

Drinks Reception

Bel-Air Fine Art present: Patrick Hughes - 60 Years of Art [Artist will be present]

Coinciding with his 80th birthday, 60 Years of Art will fill the entirety of the gallery across two floors and will include more than 40 of Hughes’ most visually arresting artworks, including his famous surrealist concoctions of rainbows.

The evolution of Patrick Hughes is partly technical – he can vary his shapes with cut-ins and other innovations, and can call upon various representations like books, boxes, graffiti, and the work of other artists. Today, he is inspired by the reaction to his work by the worldwide public, who appreciate and buy his originals and multiples, enjoying to sway and dance before the reverspectives.

Mayfair 16 Brook's Mews, W1K 4DS