6 - 8pm, Thursday 28th Nov

Book Launch

Ben Tufnell [Dir. Parafin] - IN LAND - Writings around Land Art and its Legacies [The event coincides and works well with the show of walking artist Hamish Fulton]

An attempt to melt an iceberg with a blowtorch, an indoor lake of tequila, an ascent of Mt Everest, driftwood burnt with sunlight focused through a magnifying glass and a doorbell that emits the sound of a dying star; these are some of the extraordinary artistic strategies covered in this collection.

Gathering together texts published since 2002, as well as specially written new essays, In Land traces recent engagements with landscape, nature, environment and the cosmos.

The event coincides with a show of work by 'walking artist' Hamish Fulton - using walking as his medium Fulton has stated ‘If I don’t walk, I can’t make art’.


Mayfair 18 Woodstock St, W1C 2AL